Sunday, January 28, 2007

Merzbow - Pulse Demon

A man that needs no introduction, here is his album Pulse Demon, take a listen and enjoy, that is of course if you have not already. But you should already own this, am I right?

Merzbow - Pulse Demon

1. Woodpecker no.1
2. Woodpecker no.2
3. Spiral Blast
4. My Station Rock
5. Ultra Marine Blues
6. Tokyo Times Ten
7. Worms Plastic Earthbound
8. Yellow Hyper Balls

Skinny Puppy Live on CBC Radio

Live improv in the studio with some interesting introduction for any skuppy fans. A very rare performance I found in my old collection. Hope you enjoy it.


Here tis, live album from 2004.
A very raw, very intense industrial record that will hopefully inspire you as much as it has me.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

SKM-ETR - The Rugged Meat Cleaver

First full length album of SKM-ETR. Nine tracks of tramp slaying, skum eating raw power electronics.

1. Aborigutter
2. We Are Going To Eat You
3. BFI Law
4. Lunch Bag Suicide
5. Break Your Face
6. Thana.45
7. Just Another Cunt
8. Prostitute Wanna-Be
9. Sainthood (New Found Religion)

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sutcliffe Jügend - We Spit On Their Graves

Way back in 1982, Sutcliffe Jügend (Kevin Tomkins) released their inaugural work, a 10-cassette box on Come Organisation entitled We Spit On Their Graves as an homage to the Yorkshire Ripper, Peter Sutcliffe. The cassette box of this release is now nearly impossible to find. Some intrepid Japanese individuals managed to dub a copy and press a 10 LP bootleg set limited to 100 copies. The bootleg itself goes for nearly $800 at last sighting.

This release lacks the power electronics brutality of later releases such as When Pornography Is No Longer Enough and The Victim As Beauty, but still retains a deep growling anger and intensity.

This is a 192k rip which surfaced late last year on USENET. The quality is not great, considering the source (tape > LP > mp3).

PLEASE only download this if you plan to listen to it. It's a hefty amount of data, close to 800MB total, and it's coming from my personal hosting.

1-01: Kill, Kill, Kill!
1-02: Keighley Alleyway
1-03: Whores Endlosung
1-04: Sutcliffe Youth
1-05: Lustmord (Filthy Whores)
1-06: Unite
1-07: Sex Beast
1-08: Pleasure Corpse
1-09: Entfernung
1-10: The New Breed


2-01: Strangulation
2-02: Electric Tool (Filthy Whores 2)
2-03: Poison
2-04: Sexual Abuse (L.C.A.)
2-05: Screwdriver
2-06: Ballpen Hammer (Ripper Attack)
2-07: Schutzstaffelkill
2-08: Reinard Heydrich
2-09: Selektion
2-10: Dictator Rule


3-01: Necro-Sadism
3-02: The Fuckery
3-03: Severed Cock
3-04: Ejaculation Centre
3-05: L.C.A.
3-06: Wilma McCann
3-07: Emily Jackson
3-08: Irene Richardson
3-09: Patricia Atkinson
3-10: Jayne MacDonald
3-11: Jean Jordan
3-12: Helen Rytka
3-13: Yvonne Pearson
3-14: Vera Millward
3-15: Josephine Whitaker
3-16: Barbara Leagh
3-17: Marguerite Walls
3-18: Jaqueline Hils


4-01: Erection Centre
4-02: Sex Master
4-03: Coprolagnia
4-04: Slaughterhouse
4-05: F.P.S.C.
4-06: Sodomy
4-07: KZ 1
4-08: KZ 2 & KZ 3


5-01: Torture 1
5-02: Torture 2
5-03: Torture 3
5-04: Torture 4
5-05: Torture 5
5-06: Torture 6
5-07: Torture 7
5-08: Edmund Kemper
5-09: Assault
5-10: Degradation
5-11: The Sex
5-12: P.H.L.
5-13: New Solution


6-01: Whores Death / Male Supremacy / Cock Dominant / Battered Corpse / Exercises Your Will / Sex Attack 1
6-02: Death Squad
6-03: Family Scum
6-04: Metal Pump
6-05: PHL
6-06: Sex Attack 2
6-07: The New Killings
6-08: Wombaphilia


7-01: Fetchers
7-02: Vachers Way
7-03: Human Disregard
7-04: Forward
7-05: King Ian
7-06: Storm Detachment-Hitler
7-07: The Dominant Force
7-08: Anal Cannibalism (For Albert Ash)
7-09: Anti
7-10: Less Than Nothing
7-11: Argyll Square
7-12: Untitled
7-13: Sodomy
7-14: Dominator
7-15: I Came Only To See Your Death


8-01: Queen Myra
8-02: New Camps
8-03: L.C.A.
8-04: Broadmoor
8-05: This Is Pommerenkke
8-06: Psychopath
8-07: SS 1982
8-08: Bonavandosis
8-09: Laceration Fatal
8-10: Of Pure Blood
8-11: Public Sex
8-12: Blood Fucking
8-13: Master Power
8-14: Eighties Porn
8-15: Beastiality
8-16: Mother Fucking
8-17: Headwounds


9-01: Paedophilia
9-02: Sex Submissive
9-03: Corpse Fuck
9-04: In The Face
9-05: Bring Down The Whip
9-06: Paedophilia II
9-07: Sex Submissive II
9-08: Ten Hours (For Paul Corrigan)


10-01: Falklands National
10-02: Military Force
10-03: Energy Man
10-04: Buggery
10-05: Mental
10-06: The Shit
10-07: Psychopath
10-08: Now! (Self Mutilation)
10-09: S.D.
10-10: More Deaths
10-11: Trained To Murder
10-12: Body Battering


Saturday, January 20, 2007

Various-We Would Be Happy: A Noise Opera

1 Smell & Quim Renault Cabriolet
2 Lasse Marhaug Miami Pussy
3 K.K. Null French Kiss
4 Richard Ramirez Je T'aime Mon Amour
5 Cock E.S.P. Such A Beauty
6 Smell & Quim Only Me
7 Lasse Marhaug Racist-Fascist
8 Cock E.S.P. My Knife Was Never Sharp
9 K.K. Null Come Together
10 Richard Ramirez I Want You
11 Cock E.S.P. Just Pretend (Where Is My Knife?)
12 Richard Ramirez In Her Clutches
13 Smell & Quim You Can't Escape Me

Title says it all.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Hjarnidaudi - Pain. Noise. March, and Hidolf - V01D

Hjarnidaudi - Pain. Noise. March.

Hjarnidaudi is a one-man drone/funeral doom project from Norway's Vidar Ermesjø. This album focuses a lot on delay, and droning chords, creating a surreal atmosphere. For fans of Earth (Warning: This will not sound much like Sunn O))), if that's what you want).

Hlidolf - VO1D
V01D is a song/album by the norwegian drone doom band Hlidolf. Who im sure some of you are have heard of but by the name Hjarnidaudi. This is the original name of the band, and the aproach this band took to drone doom was unlike any other. This is multi layered drone doom of epic proportions. Lasting 70 minutes with a constant flowing progression, albeit hardly noticeable progression this is an album like no other.

(Information and link courtesy Mirkwood Raven)
This album sounds more ambient to me, as well.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Masonna - Spectrum Ripper

by request, listen to Yamazaki-kun scream a hell of a lot.

25 untitled tracks.

roast beef curtains

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Emil Beaulieau-Dedicated To Charlie Ward

Some of Emil's fucked up turntable noise.