Sunday, January 14, 2007

Hjarnidaudi - Pain. Noise. March, and Hidolf - V01D

Hjarnidaudi - Pain. Noise. March.

Hjarnidaudi is a one-man drone/funeral doom project from Norway's Vidar Ermesj√ł. This album focuses a lot on delay, and droning chords, creating a surreal atmosphere. For fans of Earth (Warning: This will not sound much like Sunn O))), if that's what you want).

Hlidolf - VO1D
V01D is a song/album by the norwegian drone doom band Hlidolf. Who im sure some of you are have heard of but by the name Hjarnidaudi. This is the original name of the band, and the aproach this band took to drone doom was unlike any other. This is multi layered drone doom of epic proportions. Lasting 70 minutes with a constant flowing progression, albeit hardly noticeable progression this is an album like no other.

(Information and link courtesy Mirkwood Raven)
This album sounds more ambient to me, as well.


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