Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Brethren-Savage Inequalities


Power electronics act Brethren screams about people he hates, which I think gives a fresh new voice to the genre. Particular targets: Immigrants, feminists, and gay people.


1 Freedom (5:12)
2 Bloodland (5:53)
3 Alien Nation (4:53)
4 We Have Come To Purify (4:03)
5 Swarm Of Ignorance (4:56)
6 Hail AIDS (3:38)
7 The Light (2:50)
8 Not For You (4:06)
9 Cold Slavery (5:37)
10 Criminal (7:42)

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Virya Dadura Vamana - Astravakra Lingam

Coming straight from Australia's Shitwank label (run by Passenger Of Shit), this is a solo noise work by Krishna Thorburn, who, along with PoS, comprises one third of the noise trio Rancid Shit Wank. This release is heavy on the screaming, with loads of digital noise sprinkled througout. I have difficulty believing that Thorburn still has his vocal chords intact after such regular abuse. Probably one of my favorite noise CDs ever. Came with a zine; I don't have a scanner unfortunately.

01: Astravakra Lingam 1
02: Astravakra Lingam 2
03: Astravakra Lingam 3
04: Astravakra Lingam 4
05: Astravakra Lingam 5
06: Astravakra Lingam 6
07: Astravakra Lingam 7
08: Astravakra Lingam 8
09: Astravakra Lingam 9
10: Astravakra Lingam 10
11: Astravakra Lingam 11
12: Astravakra Lingam 12
13: Astravakra Lingam 13
14: Astravakra Lingam 14
15: a nDa AtmaghAta rasma
16: Live At Hazelbrook Music Derby #30

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edit: Apparently I have forgotten that this archive is password protected. The password is: poogolem.

Imminent Starvation - Human Dislocation

Really nice powernoise soundscapes from Olivier Moreau. Crunchy, distorted beats and ambient droning noisescapes. One of the best and original powernoise releases out.


Sutcliffe Jügend - The Victim As Beauty

The second of the two SJ concept albums on Death Factory, this one utilizes a more well-defined building up period leading into an absolute orgy of violence and anger halfway through track 4. Highly recommended.

I: (Scene One: The Car) Act I: Abduction
II: (Scene Two: The House) Act I: Fear And Anticipation
III: (Scene Two: The House) Act II: Humiliation
IV: (Scene Two: The House) Act III & IV: Torture & Death
V: (Scene Two: The House) Act V: Cold Aftermath

Lame V0 just like before. Get it here.

Whitehouse - Cruise

bada bing bada boom

this album is being repressed in 180gram double vinyl in Feb 2007, the first in a monumental repressing of all Whitehouse albums (except for Psychopathia Sexualis and probably Right To Kill)

192k rip

1: Cruise (Force The Truth)
2: Princess Disease
3: Movement 2000
4: Public
5: Scapegoat
6: Dance The Desperate Breath
7: A Cunt Like You

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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Sutcliffe Jügend - When Pornography Is No Longer Enough

Classic influential power electronics, coming from Kevin Tomkins and Paul Taylor, part of the huge industrial/power electronics/noise incestuous web comprising Come/Whitehouse/Ramleh/Consumer Electronics and friends. Released on the Cold Meat Industry sublabel Death Factory.

This is the first of two SJ cds released on Death Factory in the vein of a concept album, with the theme being a murderer finally snapping after the horrible influences around him become too much to bear, and embarking on a quest to kidnap, torture, rape, and murder multiple women. Contains such ringtone-worthy lines as "Get on the table, GET ON THE FUCKING TABLE" and "I wish you could be here to lick the shit off of my fist".


I: When Pornography Is No Longer Enough
II: First Victim: WITH KNIFE: Left To Die With Many Cuts
III: Second Victim: WITH BRUTAL FORCE: My Pleasure Your Pain
IV: Third Victim: WITH CONTROL: Message To The Mother
V: Fourth Victim: WITH MURDEROUS PASSION: Homage To de Sade
VI: Fifth Victim: WITH MURDEROUS PASSION: Homage To de Sade
VIII: Seventh Victim: WITH A BEAUTY BEYOND COMPARE: Slow Torture

Lame V0 rip. Get it here.

sunn o))) - the grimmrobe demos

highly recommended drone, one of my favourite sunn o))) releases.


merzbow and genesis p. orridge - a perfect pain

great collab.


Friday, November 24, 2006

Sickness/Slogun-The Scars of Happiness/Always Numb


20 min. of harsh noise by Sickness (including a cover of classic Slogun track "I Just Kill...") followed by a 16 minute blast of power electronics from Slogun.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Noise/Girl - Discopathology

Noise/Girl mixes harsh noise with breakcore sounds, and surprisingly, disco. Never thought The Beegees and noise would go together?


Friday, November 10, 2006

Children of God - Haus Arafna

Good chance everyone already has this or may hate this but too bad. Just thought I'd share what someone else has passed on to me which I've started to really like after a few listens.

Children of God

Thursday, November 09, 2006

W.A.R. Symphony 1 - Concerto For MG42 And Orchestra

The sounds of WWII German weapons, explosions, bullet ricochets etc. Turned into something resembling music.
Weird stuff, but strangely compelling.

Concerto For MG42 And Orchestra

Sunday, November 05, 2006


20 minutes of harsh noise from Phil Blankenship (The Cherry Point, Lefthandeddecision) and John Wiese (Bastard Noise, Sissy Spacek). Five tracks, all untitled.


Friday, November 03, 2006

Pan Sonic, 'Kesto'

Pan Sonic

I didn't upload this, because the place I downloaded it from was still up and running...
Request me to upload when it falls apart. Great album, enjoy.