Friday, February 02, 2007

Les Joyaux De La Princesse - In Memoriam P. Henriot 1889-1944

A more recent release from LJDLP, this one is an "homage" to Philippe Henriot, known as the "French Goebbels" during the Vichy France regime. He was chief orator during that time, later being elevated to Minister of Information and Propaganda. Killed June 28th, 1944, by members of the Resistance while he slept.

CD remaster of the original release in 2004, which came boxed with one 10" picdisc, one 10" grey vinyl disc, three postcards, and two inserts reproducing Henriot's speeches and proclamations.

01: Untitled
02: Untitled
03: Untitled
04: Untitled
05: Untitled
06: Marche Fun├Ębre
07: Untitled
08: Messe Solennelle

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edit: forgot to mention, both these LJDLP posts are my own pristine LAME -V 0 rips.


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