Monday, December 11, 2006

Maurizio Bianchi (M.B.) - Symphony For A Genocide

Italian-born Maurizio Bianchi is a highly influential individual in the industrial noise scene worldwide. This is the 1998 CD re-release of his first vinyl offering, hearkening back to 1981.

01: Treblinka
02: Auschwitz
03: Maidanek
04: Auschwitz (Reprise)
05: Belzec
06: Chelmno
07: Sobibor
08: Accop (6) Ehte
09: Sordide Sentimental
10: Anesthesie Total

it be here (new link)


Blogger Phweemaggot said...

Track 3 is corrupt, oshi D:

1:05 PM  
Blogger ninny hammer said...


well i got it off of slsk so it makes sense iguess

2:03 PM  

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