Sunday, December 24, 2006

The Gerogerigegege - Kitanomaru Hyakkei

man i wish i had an actual copy of this. probably my favorite release from Gero, this one eschews the barrage of rapid-fire bullshit noise of his other 7"s (like Yellow Trash Bazooka, All You Need Is Audioshock, and the previously posted Mother Fellatio) and instead uses a rather ordinary tracklist. technically i'm not supposed to be posting this at the request of the guy who originally ripped it (setzer, if you read this, i'm sorry but this needs to be shared with the masses), but that was in april of this year and, i mean come on, it's great! more people should be exposed to this shit. this 1993 release was limited to 300 copies and came with a 12-page booklet, scans of which are included.

the track "Ai Jin" is Juntaro singing a duet over a japanese pop song. the track was actually pressed onto a 7" flexi, (nearly) all 2000 copies of which Juntaro himself burned on a beach in Japan in 1988.

A1 Kosei
A2 Kitanomaru Hyakkei
A3 Seiyoku
B1 First Recording
B2 Ai Jin

it's heer


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truly amazing album really

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